mysaylogoIn 2012, in partnership with the State of Maryland International Reading Association Council (SoMIRAC), Maryland Library Association, and leading educators, Jennifer spearheaded the launch of MY-Say, Maryland’s first online magazine written by middle school students for their same-aged peers. Jennifer serves as editor of this nonprofit venture designed to help tweens and teens get their say.

For more information, please read her letter below. Information on contributing to MY-Say appear on the magazine’s home page.

Hello, Maryland middle schoolers!

As a children’s author, one of the questions I’m often asked during school visits is: How do I get published?

Thanks to a hard-working bunch of teachers, principals, and librarians, the question now really is: When do I get published?

As of 12.12.12, middle schoolers around the state have their chance to see their stories, songs, lyrics, essays, art, photos and cartoons published on MY-Say, the online magazine designed to promote literacy, creativity, and expression by and among Maryland’s middle school students.

MY-Say is just for Maryland middle schoolers; this is your magazine.

So, if you’re asking questions about being published, check out this website. Read what other students your age have written, designed, and drawn. Take part in one of the polls. Review the regular departments, contributor guidelines, and the “How Can I Get Published?” section.

Since I’ve been lucky to have my say, and I’ll be working with you to help you get yours, I’ll serve as editor. Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Then, with a teacher or parent’s permission, contact me by email to suggest story ideas or ask for assignments, topics about which you can write, draw, and photograph.

We are actively looking for student contributions for the March and May issues of the magazine.

I’ve had a chance to have my say. Now it’s time for you to have yours.

Yours in creativity,

Jennifer Keats Curtis, children’s author and editor, MY-Say