Treat your students to a look behind the book and help them learn how authors research and write their books. Photos and fascinating tidbits help me teach students how to make nonfiction and realistic fiction fascinating! Click here to email me for information or to request a visit. Get the scoop by becoming a “Green Author Jennifer Keats Curtis” Facebook fan and following me on Twitter.

As a nature lover and an “animal person” with an insatiable curiosity, writing about environmental topics suits me perfectly. My passion reverberates clearly in my lovingly detailed books.  Teachers and students even call me “The Green Author.”

As a child, I regularly brought home creatures large and small and attempted to nurse them back to health, although not always to great success. Over the years, I’ve learned that in order to truly help animals, I not only need more information, but the best way to use it. Now I’m using this supportive spirit to teach children how they can help wild animals, one at a time.

A presenter and author-in-residence in Maryland schools since 2006, I cannot wait to continue talking with students about writing, editing, research, and of course, the animals. My area of expertise is informational text. Please contact me about a school or organizational visit.

All of my books are available directly through the publishers, online bookstores, and in many retail stores. Of course, I’m always happy to sign books as feasible. Please email me for more information.