Children’s author Jennifer Keats Curtis wants to help bring children closer to the animals in their own backyards. By diligently researching her topic and interviewing real experts, including children working to help preserve and protect local wildlife, the long-time journalist has developed a knack for teaching young children about important ecological issues and what they can do to help.

As a child, Jennifer regularly brought home creatures large and small and attempted to nurse them back to health, although not always to great success. She learned that in order to really help them, she needed to leave it up to the professionals. She is now using that supportive spirit to teach children how they can help wild animals, one at a time.  

Focusing on animals found in the backyards of Mid-Atlantic residents, Curtis has taught children how to help oysters, ospreys, and turtles through her informational and educational books: award-winning Oshus and Shelly Save the Bay; the Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award Finalist Turtles in My Sandbox (Sylvan Dell, 2006); and Osprey Adventure (Shiffer Publishing, 2007); and DaVinci Eye Award winner Baby Owl’s Rescue.

Jennifer’s first creative nonfiction children’s book, SEAHORSES, will be released in 2012, followed by books on squirrels and tree frogs. She recently partnered with Sylvan Dell, (, the company renowned for providing “so much more than a picture book,” on ANIMAL HELPERS, a brand new children’s book series about the ways in which experts help conserve individual animals, recover and return to the wild, or find a safe setting when necessary. She is seeking input from wildlife rehabilitators and specialists at zoos, aquariums, and education centers. Each book in this series will not only tell an exciting tale, but will also help individuals, centers, aquariums, and zoos raise money for their worthy cause.

A University of Maryland graduate, Jennifer can often be found among students and teachers talking about literacy and conservation. She regularly presents writing workshops and author residencies to students. She serves as editor-at-large for Maryland Life Magazine and recently took on the role of editor for an exciting new magazine for middle school students.

Jennifer resides in the Annapolis area, with her family, amidst several animals, most of them small.

To inquire about a school visit, presentation, or to purchase signed copies of her books, please contact her at 410.626.7657 or